Hire company looks to labels for long-lasting solution

Cameraworks is a film and TV equipment rental company based in London. It offers filmmakers from a range of sectors including advertising agencies, broadcasters, PR agencies, photographers, design agencies and post-production agencies an extensive range of cameras, lenses, audio, lighting and accessories for hire.

The nature of hiring out high-value equipment means that each piece must be clearly identified as belonging to Cameraworks. The company first enlisted Matform’s label production expertise a couple of years ago and has since ordered several batches of labels.

The most recent project undertaken for Cameraworks was the production of four different sizes of labels featuring the company’s logo, to be used on the items it hires out. Cameraworks specified that the labels must be difficult to remove.

Matform’s solution was the production of reverse screen-printed black and white labels printed onto textured PVC. As the labels are being used on a variety of surface finishes, both smooth and textured, a 3M™ 468 adhesive was applied. The nature of this adhesive is that the longer it is left, the better its adhesive qualities are, making it ideal for hire equipment. Cameraworks requested 100 sets of labels which range in size from 18x15mm to 48x40mm.