Frequently Asked Questions

We print a variety of labels.  Please find below some questions that we are asked about our labels.

Q: How much will my labels cost?

This depends on the material that is used, quantity, design and turnaround time.  When you contact us we can advise you on the most suitable label for your product and how much this will cost.

Q: What is the best adhesive for my label?

Depends on the label application e.g. will it be used outside, need to be seen in the dark, used on a hot surface?  

Q: What should my label be made from?

We use a range of different materials including plastic, vinyl, metal, waterproof, chemical-resistant, durable, heat-resistant, freezer-proof, tamper-evident, pressure sensitive, photoluminescent and UV-resistant.

Q: Does your company have UL approval?

Our company has secured UL approval to PGDQ2 status after undergoing stringent product evaluation and testing. For more information please click on the UL link.

Q: Design and branding – can you help us to customise our label?

99% of our labels are customised labels and the majority of these have the company name and logo printed on them. We can advise you on any design issues you may have with your labels.

Q: Can you print barcode and sequentially numbered labels?


We can manufacture and supply a selection of high quality barcode printed labels for universal product tracking. We also offer sequentially numbered labels to match your retail requirements or business needs. You select the start number, quantity and design and we will take care of the rest.

Q: Can you make UV and weather resistant labels?

Yes. We understand the importance of making UV resistant, durable, waterproof labels which will withstand harsh conditions and total immersion. We produce labelling solutions for manufacturers of outside furniture, underwater systems, swimming pools, washrooms and kitchens.

Q: Can you make low temperature labels?

Our Low Temperature labels are able to withstand temperatures of up to -40° degrees centigrade, making them ideal for food products destined for the freezer!

Q: Can you make high temperature / heat resistant labels?

Yes. Our High Temperature / heat resistant labels are able to withstand temperatures of up to 205° degrees centigrade. Made from fire-retardant polycarbonate, they can be applied to machinery that is likely to conduct heat or is situated close to a strong heat source.

Q: Can you make tamper resistant labels (tamper evident labels) and stickers?

Yes. We can supply tamper resistant (also known as tamper evident labels) which are made from materials designed to reveal evidence of tampering – such as a particular pattern or word such as “void”  – if there is an attempt to remove the label.

Q: I need glow in the dark labels – can you help?

Yes. We can manufacture Photoluminescent Labels which conform to Health and Safety legislation. Our glow in the dark labels are used in many industries where maximum visibility and clarity in the dark is of paramount importance.

Q: What are hotfoil labels?

Hotfoil is a cost-effective manufacturing process during which a metallic foil print is applied to labels resulting in a high-quality, aesthetically pleasing finish. For the utmost protection against abrasion, your hotfoil labels can be over-laminated with a clear film.

Q: What are peelable labels?

Matform can manufacture and supply a wide variety of stock or customised peelable labels which have the benefit of featuring repositionable adhesives.

Our peelable labels can be supplied on rolls, sheets or fanfolded and can be made from a range of paper and synthetic materials.

Q: I need labels to cover up obsolete contact details – can you help?

Yes. We have a broad spectrum of sticky labels which can be used to mask obsolete address or telephone details, or anything else which needs concealing.

Q: Can I order labels from abroad?

Absolutely. We have been in business since 1969 and have been providing labelling solutions for leading businesses in the UK and worldwide. We have the most widely recognised safety certification mark in the world - the Underwriters Laboratories Inc. (UL) and can assist companies with export opportunities to the USA.

Q: Do you have a minimum print run for labels?

No. We do not have a minimum print run and in fact specialise in short run labelling. Whether you want a small number of customised labels or thousands of sticky labels on a roll we can discuss your labelling needs.