Hardwearing, weatherproof labels for outdoor decking

As the UK’s leading manufacturer of non-slip timber decking, for around the home, architects, merchants and contractors, Gripsure require hardwearing, durable, weatherproof labels all year round.

Their labels need to be as long lasting as their products and withstand all temperatures.

Gripsure Labels

For this requirement, we produced a variety of reverse screen-printed labels with 3 colours, to textured PVC and 3M 9472 adhesive backing.

"We manufacture non-slip timber decking and have tried various ways of attaching labels to our deck board samples. Because the timber is treated and varies from smooth to grooved surfaces we needed something that we could be confident would stick down and stay in place. Matform were very knowledgeable and helped us find a suitable label solution which we have found very effective and looks smart. We were very happy with the level of service that Matform provided." Gripsure said.