Hospital Beds Labelled By Matform 


Innovation and development are crucial elements to the success of businesses within the medical equipment industry. LINET UK is one such company. They are a part of LINET Group SE, a leading manufacturer and distributor of patient beds with a yearly production of more than 66,000 beds to over 100 countries.

Their products are constantly adapting and the materials, accessories and components used on the beds must meet exacting standards. Matform, producers of medical labels, have been working together with Linet UK ever since the company was formed 5 years ago.

Matform produce labels with handwritten tabs which are of a sufficient quality to withstand medical environments. They have also provided instruction labels for medical devices.

Paul Spilman, Rental Coordinator for LINET UK said “Matform are one of the companies on our preferred suppliers list because they are competitive on price, reliable, flexible and offer a very high standard of customer service.   It is also a bonus for us that Matform are a locally based company – we have an office in Hampshire and they are no more than 20 miles away in Chichester, West Sussex”.

He continues,Matform have been valuable in design and specification of labels required to meet our industry needs”.