Matform Produce Call Station Plates for Stannah Lifts

Stannah Lifts, part of the Stannah group, supply and install passenger and platform lifts for commercial building applications. Matform produce call station plates for the Midilift platform lift range, designed and manufactured by Stannah in the UK.

Platform lifts enables access between floors, for example in a retail shop, for people who cannot use stairs, from parents with pushchairs to bag-laden shoppers and wheelchair users.

Stannah Lift

The call station plates are an integral part of the landing operating panel (positioned at each landing), providing Stannah brand recognition and enabling people to summon the lift.              

Stannah have 12 different call station plates and the process for each is;

  • The metalwork (Aluminium) is prepared first and includes cutting, punching and studding.
  • The metal plates are then colour sprayed to Stannah's specifications.
  • The printing of the overlay follows, with under-surface printing for a scratch-resistant surface.
  • The overlays are then punched to match the metal templates.
  • The finished metalwork and the completed overlay are placed in a jig and laminated together.

Stannah Lift Top Floor